South Africa Visa

Electronic Travel Autorization to enter South Africa

What is the Online Visa for South Africa?

There is no country in the world quite like South Africa. Its biodiversity, spectacular nature reserves, buzzing cities, and 2,500km of golden coastlines make it truly unique.

The new Online South Africa visa will soon be available, making it much easier for many travelers around the world to visit the country.

For South Africa visa eligible nationalities, the online application system will eliminate the need to go to a South Africa embassy or consulate.

South Africa visa

Who needs a South African visa?

Whether you need a visa for South Africa depends on your nationality, your reason for visiting, and how long you want to stay. There are numerous different types of South Africa visas.

At the moment, there are 48 nationalities who can enter without a South Africa visa for up to 90 days. These countries include: the United States, Canada, most of Europe, Russia, Brazil, and Argentina.

There are another 28 nationalities who can enter South Africa without a South African visa for periods of up to 30 days. The countries include Turkey, Poland, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia.

South africa visa policy

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Do I need a visa for short stays in South Africa?

Citizens who are not from visa-exempt countries need to obtain a South Africa visa before entering the country. At the moment they can be obtained from embassies and consulates.

The Online South Africa Visa will soon be available and it will simplify the process. The list of eligible countries and eVisa requirements will be published on this website once the government has finalized the list. It could be the case that certain nationalities who are currently visa-exempt may need to obtain the eVisa once it is available.