Best Time to Visit South Africa

best time to visit south africa

The diverse climates, areas and sights of South Africa enable tourists to visit South Africa during many different times of year. The best time to visit South Africa depends entirely on the type of holiday that visitors wish to have, as traveling South Africa gives you access to a world of safari adventures, varied climate, and beautiful scenery.

Before traveling to South Africa, remember to look into any documents you may need prior to traveling, required or advised vaccinations, and whether your nationality is required to obtain a visa for South Africa prior to departure. You can apply for a South African visa online without visiting an embassy or consulate thanks to a smooth online process which enables visa applicants to fill out an application form and send off for a visa.

Read on to learn more about when to visit South Africa, the different wildlife spotting opportunities, warm sunny climates, and best times for traveling to South Africa during the cooler months.

Best Time to Go on Safari in South Africa

The months between May and September as the best time to visit South Africa in general


Many rate the months between May and September as the best time to visit South Africa in general. During this time of year, it is dry season and therefore, animals tend to congregate around rivers and waterholes for water.

Fortunately, this is actually the off-peak season for tourism, as touristic areas tend to be most crowded in December during the summertime.

safari south africa best time to visit

Peak Travel Season in South Africa

For whale watching and other sea life spotting opportunities, the best time of year to visit ranges from July to November. In the summer months between November and February, the Cape region of South Africa enjoys sunny, dry weather. This means that December is usually the busiest month of the year for tourism, receiving many travelers who wish to enjoy a holiday in South Africa in warm weather.

Due to the Christmas holidays and national holidays in South Africa, the peak season can be an even more bustly season with both locals and tourists enjoying the sunny climate.

The rainiest time of year in South Africa is typically from November to February. However, it has been said that the best opportunity to sight birds is also during this time of year.

Don’t forget to check with your national travel advice regarding traveling to South Africa, safety and health information, as well as whether it’s necessary to apply for a visa for South Africa before traveling.