South Africa Visa for Australian Citizens

The South African government has introduced a new South Africa eVisa application system that allows travelers from eligible countries to apply for and obtain visas electronically. This new system makes applying for a South African visa a relatively quick and simple process which takes only a few minutes to complete.

Every year, millions of international visitors flock to South Africa for a variety of reasons. The South African government offers different types of visas depending upon the specific reasons travelers may have for visiting the country. Visitors are encouraged to check the different visa categories to determine their eligibility as well as the most appropriate documents needed for their visit to South Africa.

south africa visa for australian citizens

South Africa Online Visa from Australia

Australian citizens are going to be eligible to apply for a South African eVisa online. The eVisa must be obtained prior to making any travel arrangements to South Africa. It is destined to people intending to travel to the country for tourism or for business. The eVisa allows Australian citizens to stay in South Africa for up to 90 days.

If traveling with an underage child, that is 18 yars or younger, the parents will have to show a birth certificate for the child that lists the details of both parents. If the child is traveling with only one parent, then an affidavit confirming the other parent’s approval will also be required to gain entry into South Africa.

How to Apply for the South Africa Visa from Australia

In order to apply for a South African eVisa from Australia, travelers will need to access the South Africa Online eVisa system where they can begin the eVisa application process by entering their biographical information and passport details.

Applicants are also asked to provide a valid email address and valid credit/debit card information as well. The credit/debit card is charged a processing fee for the online visa application.

Travelers are advised to fill out the eVisa application with accurate information that matches the details shown on their passport. Any discrepancies discovered between the information on the application form and the information shown on the passport can render the eVisa invalid. Tourists can also be barred from entering South Africa on the basis of having an invalid visa.

It is also important for visitors to travel on the same passport that they used to fill out the eVisa application form, otherwise there is a risk that they will not be allowed to enter South Africa.

South African Visa Application from Australia

After the eVisa application is sent, travelers are expected to receive an update on the status of their application within 3 business days. It can take longer if there is any additional processing required. If the eVisa application is approved, the traveler will receive the eVisa via email in the account they listed on the application form.

Visitors must keep a copy of their eVisa on their smartphone or handheld device and also take a print-out of it with them when they travel. They will be required to present the eVisa along with their passport at the South African port of entry. Once the traveler’s passport is stamped for entry into South Africa, he/she will be allowed to stay in the country for the duration listed on the eVisa.

It is advisable to plan one’s departure from South Africa a few days before the eVisa expires in order to ensure there are no issues with overstaying the visa. South Africa has a very strict policy of dealing with travelers who overstay: such travelers are placed on an “undesirables” list and can be banned from the country for up to 5 years.

South Africa eVisa Requirements for Australian Citizens

The South African government requires that all travelers intending to visit the country have a passport valid for at least 30 days from the date of their departure from South Africa. All travelers are also required to have at least two blank pages in their passport where entry stamps can be placed.
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South African Embassy and Consulates in Australia

South African High Commission

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Tel: +61 2 6272 7300

South African Honorary Consulate in Melbourne

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Tel: (+61) 3 8825 5718

South African Consulate Perth

Outram Centre (Corner Hay & Outram Sts)
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