South Africa Visa for Canadian Citizens

A new South African eVisa will soon enable Canadian citizens to apply for a visa for South Africa prior to departure. This new South African eVisa protocol has begun to be adopted by many immigration authorities throughout the world and has gained popularity due to the modernization, rapidity and ease at which a visa can be requested and approved.

South Africa is one of the most diverse areas for exploring and going on vacation, given the vast array of activities that visitors can enjoy, the incredible biodiversity and gateway to nature at its wildest, and urban areas with seaside and exotic marine life. Canadian citizens will be able to travel to South Africa hassle-free with an eVisa travel authorization.

south africa visa canadian citizens

South Africa Visa Application for Canadian citizens

Applying for a South Africa visa online will involve a simple application form that Canadian citizens will be required to fill out with the correct information, pay for, and then send off online. Once the application has been scanned, the applicant will receive their eVisa confirmation via email.

Note: The eVisa should be printed once received and be presented at border control upon arrival in South Africa.

The new eVisa application system is used as part of several other immigration measures. It is vital that all information completed in the South Africa visa application form is accurate, as failure to provide the correct data that corresponds with traveler details, documents and passports could result in an invalid visa.

Passport and document requirements for Canada Citizens

In order to apply for a South Africa eVisa, Canadian citizens will be asked to fulfill certain requirements. It is likely that as with most electronic visa processes, Canadian citizens will be required to have a valid email address, passport and debit or credit card in order to apply for an eVisa for South Africa.

When more information is released in terms of the type of information and requirements that will be expected of Canadian citizens who want to apply for a South African online visa, all information on our website will be updated immediately.

Canadian citizens can currently visit South Africa for a period of up to 90 days without a visa. Stays exceeding 90 days will require a visa. Ensure that you apply for the right type of visa according to your travel reasons prior to applying for a visa for South Africa.

The new South Africa visa online will mean that the government and immigration authorities are able to track border control and migration in a more efficient way. It is a new system that will be adopted soon, following the step to modernize the visa process taken by many other nations, as well.

South African Embassies in Canada

There are two main points of contact in Canada regarding South African bureaucracy, such as passports, immigration control and visas. The contact details of both the South Africa High Commission in Ottawa and the South Africa Consulate-General in Toronto are listed below, should applicants require further assistance with their South Africa visa or other matters.

South African High Commission in Ottawa

15 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. K1M 1M8.
Phone: (613) 744 0330
Fax: (613) 741 1639

South Africa Consulate-General in Toronto

110 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario. M2N 6Y8.
Phone: (416) 944 8825
Fax: (416) 944 0925