South Africa Visa for Chinese Citizens

The South African Government has recently introduced an online eVisa application system that makes the process of obtaining a visa relatively simple for travelers from eligible countries. Currently chinese travelers require a visa to enter South Africa, but it is expected that in the future they will be required to obtain an electronic Visa to South Africa.

At the moment, there are also different types of visas that the South African Government offers depending upon the specific reasons for which an individual or group intends to visit the country. Travelers are, therefore, advised to go over the different types of visas that the South African government offers in order to determine which one is right for their travel needs.

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Do Chinese Citizens Need a Visa for South Africa?

Chinese travelers planning to visit South Africa will need to apply for an eVisa in order to do so. The aim of the new online eVisa application process introduced by the South African government is to facilitate the application process to obtain the visa needed to enter the country. The eVisa system eliminates the need for travelers to visit local consulates in order to obtain a visa. It has primarily been introduced to make it easier for people to travel to South Africa for tourism or business.

What are the South Africa Online Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens?

In order to apply for an eVisa to South Africa, travelers will need to have a passport that is valid for at least 30 days from the date of their departure from South Africa. The travelers must also have at least 2 blank pages on their passport for entry stamps.

Once these requirements have been met, tourists can then begin the process of applying for an eVisa. Please note that if traveling with a minor younger than 18 years of age, the parents will be required to present the child’s birth certificate that lists the details of the parents. If the child is traveling with only one parent, the other parent’s approval is required in the form of an official consent letter.

How To Get a South African eVisa for Chinese Citizens

To begin the application process for an eVisa for Chinese citizens, the traveler will need to visit the South African eVisa website. On the main page, towards the top left corner, there will be a green button that reads, ‘Apply for South Africa Visa’. When you click this button, it will take you to a page where you will be asked to complete an eVisa application form. This form will ask for biographical information as well as some passport details. Travelers are advised to make sure that they provide accurate information when completing the form. Discrepancies between the information provided on the form and those listed on the passport can result in the traveler’s visa being rejected at the airport. Chinese visitors may be denied entry into South Africa on the basis of having an invalid visa.

The traveler will also be asked to provide a valid email address and credit/debit card information. There is a processing fee for the eVisa application and the traveler’s credit/debit card will be charged for the amount. Once the online visa application is submitted, the traveler will get an update on the status of their application within 3 business days. It may take longer depending on whether there is additional processing required on the application. Once the eVisa application is approved, the eVisa is sent to the traveler’s email address. The traveler will then need to keep a copy of the eVisa on their smartphone or handheld device and take a copy with them to the airport. The passport and the eVisa have to be presented upon arrival at the airport in order to gain entry into South Africa.

Visit South Africa from China

Once the traveler is allowed entry into South Africa, they will be allowed to stay up to 30 days in the country on the eVisa. The tourist should plan their departure just before the eVisa ends in order to avoid issues with overstaying the visa.

Chinese travelers who overstay their visa in South Africa are put on an “undesirables” list and face the possibility of being banned from the country for up to 5 years.

South African Embassy in China

South African Embassy in Beijing

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Consulate-General of the Republic of South Africa

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