South Africa Visa for Congolese Citizens

The South African government has introduced an electronic travel authorization system which allows travelers to obtain the required visa to travel to South Africa online. This new eVisa is geared towards making it easier for people to travel to the country for short trips related to tourism and is especially aimed at expanding the already booming tourism industry in South Africa. Currently, the South African eVisa is only available to citizens of a few eligible countries but there are plans for it to be expanded to others in the near future.

Do Congolese Citizens Need a Visa for South Africa?

The South African government requires that all foreign travelers to the country obtain a visa prior to their arrival unless they are from visa-exempt countries. As such, there are numerous options for obtaining a South African visa available to Congolese citizens. These visas are designed with the needs of the traveler in mind and come with a different set of requirements depending on the type of visa the traveler is seeking. Travelers are encouraged to scan the requirements of the visa category they are interested in before beginning the application process to ensure that they are able to satisfy them.

South Africa eVisa for Congolese Travelers

In the future, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is expected to be on the list of countries whose citizens can travel to South Africa in the new South African eVisa. For Congolese travelers, the South African eVisa will makes it easy for them to obtain the necessary travel authorizations for traveling to the country. Using the new South African online eVisa application process, Congolese travelers will be able to avoid having to visit a local South African embassy in order to get their paperwork processed. Instead, they can save time by applying online and receive their eVisa via email.

South African Visa Requirements from DR of Congo

There are some basic criteria that all travelers to South Africa from Democratic Republic of Congo will be required to meet. These criteria include:

  • Having a passport from an eligible country which will be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel from South Africa.
  • The traveler’s passport should have at least two blank pages for entry and exit stamps.
  • For parents traveling with their children under the age of 18, each child’s birth certificate will have to presented upon arrival. In certain cases, an affidavit from the other parent will also be required giving the other parent permission to travel with the minor.
  • For travelers that are from countries or those that have visited a country in the last 10 years where yellow fever is a concern will also be required to submit a yellow fever vaccination certificate upon arrival. This will serve as proof that the traveler has been vaccinated against the disease.

Applying for the South African eVisa from DR Congo

The process of applying for the South African eVisa from DR Congo is quite simple. Travelers will have to complete an online application with personal, passport and other travel details. Travelers must ensure that they are filling out the online application form with accurate details. Incorrect, misleading or false information can negatively affect their prospects of obtaining the South African eVisa.

Once all the details have been entered accurately, travelers will then be required to pay an online processing fee using a valid debit or credit card. After the payment clears, travelers can then submit the eVisa application for review.

Congolese travelers that have submitted their online South African eVIsa applications can expect to receive their eVisa via email within 3 business days. To avoid any processing delays, travelers are encouraged to submit their completed eVisa applications ahead of their intended date of travel to the country. This is to ensure that the eVisa arrives in a timely fashion for the traveler’s trip to South Africa.

Travelers from DR Congo who have received their South African eVisa must take a printed copy of the eVisa with them when they travel. They will need to present it to South African border officials along with their biometric information in order to gain entry into the country.

While planning their departure from South Africa, travelers must pick a date before the date their South African eVisa expires. This is to ensure that they will not risk any consequences for over-staying their visa.

South African and DR of Congo embassies

Congolese Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa

791 Francis Baard Street, Arcadia, 0083
P.O. Box 28795, Sunnyside 0132
Pretoria, South Africa

TEL: (+27) 12 343 24 55 / (+27) 12 344 6475 / 6

FAX: (+27) 12 344 40 10

Embassy of South Africa in Kinshasa, DR of Congo

77 Avenue Ngongo Lutete, Gombe
Boite Postale 7829
Kinshasa 1

TEL: (+243) 81 556 6600