South Africa Visa for German Citizens

As of 2017, German citizens are among the top 10 nationalities who most visit South Africa. Although the majority of foreign citizens are required to obtain a visa for South Africa from an embassy or consulate to travel to the country, a South Africa visa for German citizens will soon be available through a simple online application which only takes a few minutes to complete.

A trial of the new system will first be implemented in Kenya by November 2019. The South African eVisa for German citizens is expected to be available soon after this initial trial concludes.

The online South Africa visa from Germany will be similar to the United States ESTA system and the Canadian eTA. This Electronic Travel Authorization is being implemented in order to expedite the application process to allow foreign citizens easier access to South Africa, eliminating the need to apply at a consulate or embassy.

south africa visa german citizens

Do German Passport Holders Need a Visa for South Africa?

There are currently 28 countries whose citizens are visa-exempt for a stay in South Africa for up to 30 days. An additional 48 nationalities, including German citizens, can visit South Africa without a visa for up to 90 days for purposes of tourism or business.

Those wishing to stay for longer than 90 days will be able to apply for a South African eVisa for German citizens through the online application system once it is made available.

For purposes other than tourism or business, such as to work or study, German citizens will be required to apply for one of the other South Africa visa types from a South African embassy or consulate in Germany and provide a range of supporting documentation.

South African Embassies and Consulates in Germany

The South African Embassy in Berlin

Tiergartenstr. 18, 10785, Berlin
Phone: +49 30 220730

The South African Consulate in Munich

Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 5, 80336, Munich
Phone: +49 89 2311630

South African Visa Application from Germany

Once this e-visa is implemented, eligible travelers will be able to obtain a South Africa visa from Germany through a simple online application that will only take a few minutes to complete.

As with other Electronic Travel Authorizations, applicants for the South Africa eVisa who are German passport holders will be expected to supply some basic personal and passport information and answer some questions related to health and security matters.

To avoid any delays in receiving the visa or having the application rejected, it will be necessary for applicants to carefully double-check all the data entered. Once the application has been submitted and approved, the online South African Tourist Visa for German citizens will be sent to the email address provided by the passport holder.

After receiving the South Africa eVisa from Germany via email, the traveler will then be able to enter the country using a copy of the visa and their passport. German citizens with dual nationality are required to travel with the same passport used during the application process.

South Africa Visa Requirements for German Citizens

The final South Africa eVisa requirements for German citizens have yet to be confirmed. However, in order to apply it’s expected that travelers from Germany will be required to have:

  • A German passport valid for at least 30 days from the intended entry to South Africa
  • A debit or credit card to pay the visa fee
  • A current email address to which the eVisa will be sent.

Any additional requirements for the online South Africa visa from Germany will be published on this site once the trial run has been implemented in Kenya and the conditions of the eVisa for South Africa have been updated.

It’s important to remember that a South Africa visa for German citizens is not required for stays under 90 days in the country when the traveler is visiting for purposes of tourism or business only.