South Africa Visa for Ghanaian Citizens

Some of the best African Safaris can be found in South Africa. Travelers from all over the world come to experience South Africa in its diversity and richness leading the South African government to come up with ways to make traveling easier for everyone. They have now introduced a new measure designed to facilitate the application of a South African visa online without the need for the traveler to visit a local embassy or consulate.

This new measure is geared towards promoting tourism to the country and is appropriate for travelers interested in short stays in the country. There are a variety of visas that travelers can apply for which almost always require the traveler to visit a local South African embassy or consulate. Depending on the traveler’s needs that might be the best way for them to obtain a South African visa. However, for those travelers interested in traveling to the country for a short stay in order to engage in touristic activities, a South African eVisa is highly recommended.

Do Ghanaian Citizens Need a Visa for South Africa?

Travelers must note that obtaining a South African eVisa is dependent upon their nationality, the length of their stay and the specific reason they have for visiting South Africa. Ghanaian travelers are expected to be on the list of countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for a South African eVisa, but for now they still need to apply for the visa at the embassy or consulate.

South African eVisa Requirements for Ghanaian citizens

In order to apply for a South African eVisa travelers will need to meet some basic requirements set by the South African Home Office. These requirements are as follows:

  • Having a valid email address
  • Having a valid credit/debit card that can be used for online payments
  • Having a passport that will be valid for at least 30 days from the intended date of the traveler’s departure from South Africa
  • If the traveler is a parent, traveling with a minor under the age of 18, they will have to present the child’s birth certificate that shows the details of both parents. The traveler will also have to present the other parent’s official consent in the form of a signed affidavit allowing the child to travel with the other parent.
  • If the traveler has been to a country where yellow fever is a concern, they will have to present a certificate showing that they have been vaccinated against it.

How to Apply for a South African eVisa from Ghana?

Travelers can apply for the South African eVisa on the South African Online eVisa website. On the website, travelers will have to fill an application that asks them to list certain personal details such as their name, date of birth, country of citizenship, as well as some passport information such as passport number and expiry date.

There will also be some questions regarding the health and security of the travelers which they will need to answer as well. These answers will be recorded and checked against a security database to identify any potential security threats. Travelers must ensure that they provide only the most accurate information on the eVisa application form and that the information matches that shown on their passport. Applications with information that is missing or that which doesn’t match the information on the traveler’s passport may cause delays in the processing of the application. It may even result in a denial of visa for the traveler as well. Therefore, travelers should be careful while filling out the online eVisa application so that mistakes can be minimized and/or rectified before submitting the application.

As part of completing the application, travelers will have to make a payment in order to have their application processed. This payment can be made using a valid debit or credit card.

How Long Does It Take to Get an eVisa for South Africa from Ghana?

After the traveler submits their South African online eVisa website, it can take up to 3 business days for the traveler’s eVisa to arrive via email.

Once the traveler receives their eVisa, they must take a printed copy of the eVisa with them to show South African Immigration officials when they arrive at a South African port of entry. If the traveler is cleared for entry, there will be an entry stamp placed on the traveler’s passport which will allow them to enter South Africa for the length of time listed on the approved eVisa.

Traveling to South Africa from Ghana

Travelers must keep a copy of their eVisa with them at all times while traveling in South Africa. Depending on the traveler’s nationality, the eVisa may be valid for a stay between 30-90 days in South Africa. The maximum length of stay will be listed on the traveler’s approved eVisa.

Travelers must plan to leave South Africa a few days before their eVisa expires. This is to ensure that there are no issues with over-staying one’s visa as South Africa has a very strict policy regarding over-staying one’s visa. Travelers who over-stay their visa in South Africa can end up being banned from the country for 5 years and be placed on an International Immigration Control List.

South African Embassies in Ghana

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