South Africa Visa for Japanese Citizens

South Africa is a uniquely diverse country with a breathtaking landscape, incredible biodiversity, and a rich history and culture. With the introduction of a new Electronic Visa Authorization System by the South African government, visitors from Japan can expect a South Africa eVisa for Japanese citizens to become available in the near future. Currently, this system is being rolled out to Kenyan citizens traveling to the South African airports of Tambo or Lanseria, with plans to extend it to many more nationalities after this initial period. The system will allow eligible citizens to apply for a visa for South Africa from Japan before they travel, without having to visit a South African embassy or consulate, and is intended to boost tourism to the African nation.

Do Japanese Citizens Need a Visa for South Africa?

Currently, citizens of 28 countries around the world may visit South Africa for tourism or business visa-free for up to 30 days, while citizens of a further 48 countries may visit visa-free for up to 90 days. Japanese passport holders currently fall into the 90-day category; however, it is expected that once the South Africa eVisa program is rolled out to more countries, a South Africa eVisa for Japanese citizens will be necessary to visit South Africa from Japan.

At present, Japanese nationals who wish to stay in South Africa for longer than 90 days or to visit for the purposes of work, study, medical care, visiting relatives, etc. must apply for a traditional visa for South Africa from Japan at a South African embassy or consulate.

Please note that travelers are advised not to overstay their visa, eVisa or visa-free stay in South Africa, as doing so may result in them being refused reentry into the country for a limited time period in the future.

How to Get a South Africa eVisa for Japanese Citizens

The process for obtaining an electronic visa for South Africa from Japan is likely to be similar to that of other Electronic Travel Authorization Systems around the world, including the United States ESTA or the Australian ETA. Eligible applicants will be required to submit a South Africa eVisa application for Japanese citizens online, providing basic details such as their full name, address, phone and email, and travel dates and itinerary. In addition, they will need to provide their passport details: number, date of issue, expiration date, etc. There may also be several questions related to health and security aimed at reducing the risk of public safety threats to South Africa. This application should take only a few minutes to complete and submit. To avoid processing delays or rejection of their application, applicants for the South Africa eVisa for Japanese passport holders are advised to thoroughly verify all the information they enter into the online form.

Once the electronic application for the South Africa eVisa for Japanese citizens has been accepted and approved, the eVisa will be delivered to the applicant via email. Travelers should print a physical copy of their eVisa to present along with their passport when passing through immigration at their port of entry into South Africa. Please note that the passport presented upon entry into South Africa must be the same passport for which the South Africa eVisa for Japan was issued.

What Are the South Africa Online eVisa Requirements for Japanese Citizens?

South Africa tourist eVisa requirements from Japan will likely state that in order to apply online for a South Africa eVisa for Japan, Japanese nationals will need to possess the following:

  • A Japanese passport, valid for at least 30 days following entry into South Africa, with 2 blank pages for entry stamps
  • A working debit or credit card (in order to pay visa processing fee)
  • A current email address (to receive visa)

Other items may also be confirmed as part of the South African eVisa Requirements from Japan in the future.

Visit South Africa from Japan

Visitors intending to travel on a South African eVisa for Japanese Citizens should be aware that in order to avoid travel disruptions, it is advisable to apply for the eVisa well in advance of their intended date of departure for South Africa. Conveniently, however, the electronic nature of the South Africa eVisa will reduce both the traveler’s visa application time pre-travel and their processing time at the South African border.

South African Embassy in Japan

All Japanese citizens who require a traditional South Africa visa for Japanese passport holders for any reason may apply in person at the South African embassy in Tokyo with their supporting documentation.

The South African embassy in Japan is located at:

Hanzomon First building, 4th floor 1-4
Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

The embassy’s contact details are:

Telephone: +81 3-3265-3366
Fax: +81 3-3239-2690

Please remember that currently, Japanese citizens still do not need a visa to enter South Africa for the purposes of tourism or business for up to 90 days.