South Africa Visa for Mozambican Citizens

When applying for visas anywhere in the world, the process can involve a lot of forethought and be challenging to understand. The new South African eVisa process for Mozambican citizens will be developed by the South African government as a step towards the future in terms of allowing more tourists into the country to enjoy what South Africa has to offer. With the upcoming release of this application process, South Africa is joining the world of fast travel and technology.

Application Process for Mozambican Citizens

The process of applying for a visa will be simplified thanks to the new electronic system. When applying for a South Africa visa, citizens of Mozambique will save time. Currently, Mozambican citizens are able to enter South Africa and stay for a period of up to 30 days without a visa. However, this might change once the online visa for South Africa is available. There are many different kinds of visas that are available, including tourist visas, and applicants should be sure to apply for the one that best fits their circumstances and needs.

The South Africa eVisa application form begins with straightforward instructions. Applicants will need to provide information such as their names, address, date of birth, as well as details from their passport and their travel plans. Beyond this, there will be questions regarding health and security. Following the completion of the application, the traveler can submit the application. The application will be processed and evaluated. Once approved, the eVisa will be sent via email directly to the applicant.

Documents Required for Mozambican Citizens

To be able to apply for the South Africa eVisa, the requirements for Mozambican citizens currently include a valid passport, a credit or debit card to pay the accompanying fee, and an up-to-date email address in order to be able to receive the approved eVisa once the application process has been completed.

These few things are the basic documents needed for the electronic visa application and anything more specific will be listed on this website once further South Africa eVisa requirements are announced by the South African government.

South African Embassy in Mozambique

South Africa has an embassy in Mozambique. In the case that a citizen of Mozambique is in need of a student, work, or other kind of visa, they can make an appointment at the embassy for further information.

South African High Commission in Maputo

Avenida Eduardo Mondlane 41, Caixa Postal 1120,

Maputo, Mozambique

Telephone: (+258) 21-243-000

Fax: (+258) 21-488-897