South Africa Visa for Pakistani Citizens

South Africa, a diverse and fascinating nation with a wealth of natural, cultural, and historical attractions, hosts millions of visitors each year from nations around the world. In a new effort to support and further develop this tourist activity, the government of South Africa is introducing an Electronic Visa Authorization System for visitors coming to South Africa for the purposes of business or tourism. This system will be similar in function to other eVisa systems around the world, for example, the American ESTA or the Australian ETA. While the South African eVisa has currently been rolled out on a trial basis to holders of Kenyan passports only, plans are in place to extend the program to dozens of other countries at a future date. Travelers from Pakistan may, as a result, see a South Africa eVisa for Pakistani Citizens introduced before long.

South Africa Online Visa from Pakistan

At present, there are 28 countries worldwide whose citizens may enter South Africa for a period of 30 days or less without having to obtain a visa. Additionally, the citizens of another 48 countries can enter under the same conditions for up to 90 days. Pakistan, however, belongs to the large group of countries whose nationals must obtain a visa to visit South Africa for any length of time. However, it is expected that Pakistani nationals may soon be able to enjoy the convenience and benefits of a South Africa eVisa for Pakistan.

It is not yet clear whether holders of the South Africa eVisa for Pakistani passport holders will have the option to extend their eVisas in the future. Regardless, Pakistanis visiting South Africa are strongly advised to ensure that they never overstay their visa, as doing so may impede their ability to make future trips to South Africa.

How to Apply for the South Africa eVisa from Pakistan

Submitting a South Africa eVisa application for Pakistani citizens is a short and simple process that can be done online. To complete the application, applicants must simply complete and submit a short form which asks for their full name, contact details and address, and passport details (number, date of issue, and expiry date). The form will also contain a brief list of health and security questions, which are designed to prevent public health hazards from entering South Africa. Travelers who apply for the eVisa for South Africa from Pakistan are strongly encouraged to verify that all the information entered on their South Africa eVisa application for Pakistani citizens is accurate and correct to the best of their knowledge, as this will help prevent processing delays and rejected applications.

Pakistanis traveling on a South Africa eVisa for Pakistani passport holders should also note that they must enter South Africa using the passport with which they applied for the visa. If there is a discrepancy between the traveler’s passport and the passport details listed on the eVisa, the traveler may be refused entry into South Africa.

South Africa eVisa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

South Africa tourist eVisa requirements from Pakistan will likely ask applicants to produce the following items:

  • A valid passport issued by the Pakistani government
  • A working credit or debit card (to pay the eVisa processing fee)
  • A valid email address

Applicants should note that it is particularly important to provide a valid, active email address, as approved South Africa eVisas will be delivered electronically via email.

Furthermore, the passport used for the application must remain valid for no less than 30 days following the holder’s entry into South Africa, and must contain 2 blank pages to receive entry stamps at their South African port of entry.

The list of South Africa eVisa requirements for Pakistan is expected to be further updated in the future.

South African Visa Application from Pakistan

Pakistanis who intend to travel to South Africa on business or tourism for a period of more than 90 days, or who are entering the country for the purposes of study, work, medical treatment, visiting relatives, or immigration will have to apply for a traditional visa for South Africa from Pakistan, even once the South Africa eVisa for Pakistani citizens has been introduced.

A traditional visa application must be submitted at a South African embassy or consulate, and the applicant must attend an in-person interview. Since this process is not electronic, applicants should allow more time for a traditional visa application than for a South Africa eVisa application for Pakistani citizens.

South African Embassies in Pakistan

Pakistan’s South African embassy is located at:

48 Khayaba-e-Iqbal (Margalla Road)
Sector F-8/2
Islamabad 5120
The embassy’s contact details are:

Telephone: +
Fax: +

Pakistani passport holders intending to travel to South Africa soon should bear in mind that at present, Pakistani citizens still require a traditional visa for South Africa from Pakistan to enter South Africa for any length of time.