South Africa Visa for Saudi Arabian Citizens

South Africa is an amazing travel destination for many reasons. The country is famous for its miles of beautiful coastline, the opportunity to see some of the planet’s most impressive wildlife as well as its diverse culture.

Currently, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in which citizens do not require a South African visa for stays shorter than 90 days. The good news for Saudi citizens is that the immigration authorities are planning to launch a South Africa eVisa for Saudi Arabian citizens. This will make the process to obtain a South African tourist visa faster and easier.

Can Saudi Arabian Citizens get an eVisa for South Africa?

Saudi Arabian citizens are eligible to receive a visa to visit South Africa. As soon as the new electronic South Africa visa for Saudi Arabia launches, Saudi Arabian travelers will also be able to obtain a South African tourist eVisa in order to travel.

Travelers from Saudi Arabia should review the different visa types and should apply for a visa for South Africa from Saudi Arabia well in advance of their trip. The eVisa will be mandatory for Saudi Arabian citizens who plan to visit South Africa.

The good news for travelers is that they will no longer have to visit the South African embassy in order to obtain a visa. Since the South Africa eVisa application for Saudi Arabian citizens will be available online, the process will be much more simple. It is very important that travelers from Saudi Arabia apply for the visa from Saudi Arabia before they travel. They will need to bring the approved eVisa with them and present it at immigration.

Since the electronic visa for South Africa from Saudi Arabia has not been officially announced yet, the exact terms of the visa are still unknown. However, the eVisa will serve as an official document and will be mandatory for all trips to South Africa. As with any other tourist visas, the South African eVisa will likely be valid for short trips intended for tourism or business.

South Africa eVisa Application for Saudi Arabian Citizens

Be sure to apply for the eVisa well in advance of the trip to South Africa. In addition, be sure to check that the basic South Africa tourist eVisa requirements from Saudi Arabia are met.

Because of the processing time, it’s wise to apply for the visa two weeks before travel. As soon as the South Africa eVisa application for Saudi Arabian citizens is approved, applicants will receive their electronic visa via email.

Documents Required to Obtain the South Africa Visa for Saudi Arabian Citizens

Travelers should have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months past their date of travel. This is a standard requirement when traveling to a country that requires a visa.

The online process will be very simple and may require additional documentation. Before applying for the South African visa, Saudi Arabian citizens should review the South African eVisa requirements from Saudi Arabia.

Apply for the South Africa Online Visa from Saudi Arabia

The South Africa eVisa application for Saudi Arabian citizens will be conveniently located online. There is no need to visit the embassy or wait in lines to obtain a South Africa visa for Saudi Arabia. The online process is meant to make everything simple and secure.

There are just 3 quick steps to apply for the South Africa eVisa:

  1. Submit the application form online
  2. Pay the online visa fee
  3. Receive the eVisa via email

Be sure to fill out everything carefully. Any mistakes could lead to the South Africa visa application form being rejected. All information on the application must match the passport information exactly.

Requirements of South Africa eVisa from Saudi Arabia

The South Africa visa application requires that the applicant provide basic information about themselves, such as name, address, and birth date. The form will likely ask for passport number, date of issue, and date of expiration. Enter the passport details carefully into the online form.

Along with the completed South Africa application form, applicants will need to have a valid email address and a credit card in order to pay the fee.

When traveling, be sure to use the same passport that was used for the application. This is especially relevant to travelers who might have 2 nationalities and passports.

Be sure to bring the printed eVisa when traveling to South Africa. The immigration authorities will request to see the South Africa visa for Saudi Arabian passport upon arrival. A digital version might be accepted but a printed version is recommended.

South African Embassy in Saudi Arabia

Before the South Africa eVisa for Saudi Arabian citizens program is launched, travelers will need to visit the South African Consulate in Saudi Arabia in order to apply for a South Africa visa.

South African Consulate General in Jeddah

Villa No. 73 Abdullah Aba Al Khayl, Al Khalidiyyah

P.O Box 12737

Jeddah 21483, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 12 606 4714