South Africa Visa for Swazi Citizens

South Africa is a beautiful country located at the tip of the African continent. It has a name descriptive of its actual geographic location in the South of the continent. South Africa is a unique African country for many reasons. However, it is known the world over for producing inspirational leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. It is also a country rich with natural beauty through its sparkling coastlines to its wild African Safaris hosting a number of endangered animal species.

There are millions of people from different countries that come to visit South Africa every year. As such, the government of South Africa has introduced a new electronic visa processing system to allow these travelers a more convenient travel experience. The new South African eVisa allows Swazi travelers to obtain a South African visa online by submitting a simple application with their details. This application can be completed in a matter of minutes and the applicant receives their eVisa via email within a few days.

Important Information for Eswatini Travelers

As of now, the citizens of Eswatini are allowed to enter South Africa visa-free for a period of up to 30 days. However, once the South African government rolls out the South African eVisa, it is expected that all Swazi citizens will be required to obtain the South African eVisa in order to visit the country.

Since the entire application process is online, so Swazi citizens will not be required to visit a local South African embassy or consulate in order to obtain a visa to South Africa. All documents that need to be submitted as part of the application process can also be uploaded online while filling out the application form. This will make obtaining a South African eVisa convenient for citziens of Eswatini.

South African eVisa Application Process for Swazi Citizens

In order to apply for a South African eVisa, Swazi travelers will have to fill out an online application with their personal and passport details. In addition to that, they will also be required to answer questions related to their health and security. Swazi travelers are expected to answer these questions truthfully and honestly as they pertain to their situations as all the answers they provide, will be checked against security databases to ensure they are correct. Any errors or discrepancies that are discovered may also hinder the applicant from getting a South African eVisa or cause delays in processing of the application. Therefore, travelers must ensure that the information they provide is correct and accurate to the best of the of their knowledge.

Once the information is entered on the form, the applicant will have an opportunity to review the information before submitting it. As part of completing the application process, applicants will also have to pay an online processing fee using a valid debit/credit card that can be used to make payments online.

After the applicant submits the application, they will have to wait for up to 3 business days before receiving their South African eVisa via email. It will be the responsibility of the traveler to print out the eVisa and take it with them to the airport/port of entry in South Africa to be granted entry into the country. The eVisa will have the necessary information regarding the maximum length of stay allowed for the traveler and the number of entries allowed into South Africa for the traveler.

South Africa eVisa Requirements for Swazi Citizens

Travelers from South Africa will need to meet certain basic requirements in order to apply for their South African eVisa. These requirements include:

  • Having a valid email address,
  • A valid Eswatini passport with 2 blank pages for entry/exit stamps
  •  Valid bank account information in the form of a debit or credit card.

Swazi travelers will need to ensure that they apply for the South African eVisa with the same passport that they intend to travel to the country with. This is due to the fact that applications for the South African eVisa are attached to specific passports and therefore, travelers can only be allowed entry into the country if they use the passport that they applied for the eVisa with.

The other important thing to remember for Swazi travelers is that they will also need to have a validity of at least 30 days from the date of their departure from South Africa. If the traveler feels, they will not have the required validity for their travel to the country, they must consider renewing their passport before attempting their journey to South Africa. Travelers must also have at least 2 blank pages left on their passport for entry/exit stamps to be placed.

It should also be noted that South Africa has a very strict policy regarding people who overstay their visa. The South African government places visa overstayers on an International Immigration Control List and also bans them from entering the country for a period of 5 years. However, if a person has a strong reason for overstaying their visa in South Africa, they can make an appeal to the government.

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