South Africa Visa for Swedish Citizens

The South African government has introduced an electronic visa processing system that enables travelers from a certain group of countries to obtain the travel authorizations needed to visit the country. This new system makes it easy for these travelers to apply for a South African visa as they are spared the necessity of visiting a local South African embassy or consulate to obtain one. Instead, travelers can easily apply for the South African eVisa online from the comfort of their homes or office. The application process takes only a few minutes to complete.

Can Swedish Citizens Get eVisa for South Africa?

Swedish citizens along with the citizens of 52 other countries are entitled to visa free entry into South Africa for a period of 90 days. Swedish travelers can also apply for a long-term visa to South Africa as well. There is a list of different categories of visas that Swedish citizens can apply for depending on the specific reasons they have for visiting the country. Travelers are advised to study the associated requirements of the South African visa they are interested in applying for to ensure they will be able to meet them before beginning the application process.

South Africa eVisa Application for Swedish Citizens

Travelers from Sweden that would like to apply for the South African eVisa can do so by filling out an online application with information, such as:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth/ place of birth
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Passport information

Travelers are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date details on the South African eVisa application form. Any incorrect, or false information discovered on the online application form can significantly affect the applicant’s request to obtain a South African eVisa. In most cases, it results in travel delays but sometimes it can also be grounds for a denial of visa. Therefore, travelers should devote some time to carefully entering the information and reviewing it to ensure accuracy.

Travelers will also be required to pay an online processing fee using a valid debit or credit card before submitting the application for review. This completes the online application process. Travelers will then have to wait up to 3 business days in order to securely receive their eVisa via email if their application is approved.

Documents Required to Obtain the South Africa Visa for Swedish Citizens

There are some basic requirements for all Swedish travelers to successfully apply for the South African eVisa. These requirements are:

  • Having a valid Swedish passport with a validity that extends 6 months beyond the intended date of arrival in South African
  • The passport should have at least 2 empty pages for entry/exit stamps
  • Travelers from Sweden who have minors under the age of 18 accompanying them will be required to provide the minor’s birth certificate to prove parentage before being allowed into the country. If only one parent is accompanying the minor, an affidavit signed by the other parent granting permission for the minor to travel with the accompanying parent will be required.
  • Swedish citizens who have traveled to countries in the last 10 years where yellow fever is a concern will be required to present proof that they have been vaccinated against the disease. This can be in the form a vaccination certificate.

Traveling on the South African Online eVisa from Sweden

Swedish travelers who have received their South Africa online eVisa application will need to take a print-out of the eVisa with them when they travel to South Africa. They will be required to present the copy of their eVisa along with biometric information to the South African authorities in order to be granted entry into the country. While in South Africa, travelers are advised to carry their eVisa with them at all times. It will list the number of entries allowed into South Africa as well as the maximum duration they can stay in the country.

Traveler should plan to depart South Africa before their eVisa expires. This will help them avoid any issues regarding overstaying the eVisa as that can result in serious repercussions for their travel. Visitors to South Africa who over-stay their visa can be banned from entering the country and be placed on an International Immigration Control List. Therefore, to be on the safe side travelers should schedule their departure date to be prior to the date their eVisa expires.

South African Embassy in Sweden

South African Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden
Fleminggatan 20
112 26 Stockholm

TEL: (+46) 8 24 39 50

FAX: (+46) 8 660 71 36