South Africa Visa for Taiwanese Citizens

South Africa, a vibrant nation with a wealth of natural beauty, is a popular tourist destination for many Taiwanese citizens each year. To support tourism to the country, South Africa is currently introducing an Electronic Visa Authorization System for visitors coming for tourism or business. This system will be similar to other eVisas around the world, such as the ESTA in America or the ETA in Australia. At present, the South African eVisa is available to citizens of Kenya and India only ; however, once this trial period has been successfully completed, the eVisa is expected to be rolled out to citizens of dozens of other nations. Included in the expected expansion of the system is a South Africa eVisa for Taiwanese Citizens.

Do Taiwanese Citizens Need a Visa for South Africa

Under current South African visa regulations, there are 28 nations around the world whose citizens can avail of visa-free entry into South Africa for up to 30 days. Another 90 countries globally are permitted entry into South Africa for up to 90 days without a visa. Currently, however, Taiwan is among the countries whose citizens require a visa to enter South Africa for any length of time.

Regardless of how they enter South Africa, Taiwanese visitors are strongly advised not to overstay their permitted time in the country, as doing so can make it difficult to re-enter South Africa on future visits.

South Africa Visa Requirements from Taiwan

All Taiwanese citizens wishing to visit South Africa for any purpose, including business, tourism, study, work, family visits, and immigration are currently required to apply for a traditional South Africa visa for Taiwanese passport holders at a South African embassy or consulate. This application process entails the completion and delivery of a physical application form, along with an in-person interview at the consulate or embassy. A valid Taiwanese passport is required to apply for any kind of South Africa visa for Taiwan.

South Africa eVisa for Taiwanese Travelers

It is likely that Taiwanese nationals will soon be able to take advantage of the simplicity and convenience of the South African electronic visa. To submit a South Africa eVisa application for Taiwanese citizens , applicants need simply fill out a brief online application form. The form should take just a few minutes to complete and will require the applicant to provide the following items of information:

  • Full name
  • Phone number, email address, and home address
  • Passport details, inc. passport number, date of issue, and expiration date

Applicants for the South Africa eVisa for Taiwanese passport holders will also be requested to answer some questions concerning health and security. These questions are intended to reduce the incidence of risks to public health within South Africa.

Before submitting their application, travelers should ensure that all the information they have entered is true and accurate , as any details entered incorrectly may delay processing or result in the application being rejected entirely. This is especially important for passport details , as any discrepancy between the details provided on the form and the details printed on the traveler’s actual passport may lead to entry into South Africa being denied.

It is recommended that holders of the South Africa eVisa for Taiwanese citizens bring a physical, printed copy of their eVisa with them when they travel; this copy should be presented to South African immigration officers along with the holder’s passport upon entry into South Africa.

South Africa Documents Required for Taiwanese Citizens

It is likely that South Africa tourist eVisa requirements from Taiwan will require Taiwanese applicants to be in possession of the following items:

  • A valid Taiwanese passport
  • A debit or credit card (necessary to pay visa processing fee)
  • A working email address

Applicants should note that once approved, their eVisa for South Africa from Taiwan will be delivered to them via email. Therefore, it is essential to include a functioning email address on the South Africa eVisa application for Taiwanese citizens.

Travelers are also advised that the passport used for the application must remain valid for at least 30 days following the date upon which the holder intends to enter South Africa, and that it must contain at least 2 blank pages to receive immigration stamps at the holder’s port of entry into South Africa.

The South Africa eVisa requirements from Taiwan are likely to be updated and expanded in the future.

South African Embassies in Taiwan

All Taiwanese passport holders planning a trip to South Africa are advised to keep in mind that under the current visa regime for South Africa, Taiwanese must hold a valid visa to visit South Africa for any reason.

The liaison office of South Africa in Taiwan is located at:

Bank Tower, Suite 1301, 13th Floor,
205 Dun-Hwa North Road,

Taipei 10595

The contact details for the liaison office are as follows:

Telephone: +886 2 2715-2295
Fax: +886 2 2712-5109