South Africa Visa for Zambian Citizens

The South African government has recently introduced the South African eVisa system to allow travelers from a certain number of countries to receive their travel authorizations easily. It is primarily designed as a way to encourage people from different countries to travel to the country in a faster and more convenient way. Using this system, travelers can allow themselves to be screened for any security issues before arriving in the country. This cuts down the time they would have to spend getting such screenings at the airport when they arrive which ultimately makes the travel process smoother.

Can Zambian Citizens get eVisa for South Africa?

Currently, Zambia is on the list of 52 countries whose citizens are allowed to visit South Africa visa-free for a period of 90 consecutive days. Nevertheless, when the South African government fully integrates the South African eVisa system, it is expected that Zambians will be required to obtain an eVisa in order to travel to South Africa.

The South African eVisa comes with many advantages for the citizens of eligible countries. Firstly, it eliminates the hassle of having to visit a local embassy or consulate in order to acquire a South African visa or submit any related paperwork. Instead, travelers can apply for the South African eVisa online and receive their eVisa within a matter of days. Secondly, Zambian travelers that are approved for a South African eVisa can be pre-screened for entry into the country, thereby, creating a smoother travel experience.

South Africa eVisa application for Zambian Citizens

The South African eVisa application process is a simple one as it takes place online entirely. Applicants are required to enter their name, date of birth, country of citizenship along with other personal details. They are also required to enter certain passport information and answer basic security questions etc. Travelers may also have to answer questions regarding their health and fitness as it relates to their journey to South Africa. 

Travelers are advised to answer questions on the eVisa application form with the highest degree of accuracy while ensuring that the information matches that shown on their passport. Discrepancies or missing information can cause delays in the processing of the applications and may even result in visa rejection. Travelers will get an opportunity to review the information before submitting it in order to ensure accuracy.

Documents required to obtain the South Africa visa for Zambian citizens

Zambian citizens that are interested in applying for a South African eVisa will need to fulfill certain basic requirements, including:

  • a valid email address,
  • a valid Zambian passport
  • 2 blank pages of entry/exit stamps
  • Valid bank account with a corresponding debit or credit card that can be used for online payments.

Apply for the South Africa online Visa from Zambia

Zambian travelers will be required to make a payment in order to complete the South African eVisa application process. Once the payment has been made using a valid debit/credit card, travelers can then submit the application for review and approval. If the traveler’s application has been approved, they will receive their eVisa within 3 business days. It will then be up to the traveler to print out the eVisa to take with them to the airport as it will have to be shown to Immigration officials upon arrival in South Africa. The eVisa will contain information regarding the maximum length of stay allowed for Zambian travelers as well as the number of entries allowed on that particular eVisa.

Zambian travelers that hold dual nationality must use the same passport for traveling to South Africa as the one they used to fill out the eVisa application with otherwise they may not be able to travel to the country. This is due to the fact that South African eVisas are linked to particular passports and only that passport can be used for travelling to the country.

Requirements of South Africa eVisa from Zambia

One of the most important requirements that Zambian travelers will need to meet is that of their passport validity. The South African government requires that all travelers must have a minimum passport validity of 30 days from the date of their departure from South Africa. If the traveler is concerned about meeting this requirement, they might want to consider renewing their passport in order to increase their chances of successfully receiving an eVisa in order to travel to the country.

Zambian travelers considering a trip to South Africa are advised to plan their trip such that they depart the country before their eVisa expires. This is to ensure there will be no issues regarding overstaying the eVisa. South Africa has a strict policy to deal with people who overstay their visa. Such individuals are placed on an Immigration Control List and are face a temporary ban from entering the country that can last up to 5 years. 

South African Embassy in Zambia

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