South Africa Tourist Visa

Tourist eVisa for South Africa

The South Africa Tourist Visa is an electronic travel authorization which will be available soon. It will simplify the process of obtaining a visa for South Africa for eligible citizens. Many nationalities can enter South Africa visa-free but others have to apply at an embassy or consulate. The Tourist Visa will eliminate this need for many travelers who want to visit South Africa for tourism.

south africa tourist visa

Can I extend my tourist visa?

The Tourist Visa for South Africa is not yet available and the South African Government has not announced the conditions regarding Tourist Visa renewals. Up-to-date information will be published on this website the moment it is available.

Consequences of overstaying

Visitors who overstay their South African visas are usually banned from re-entering the country for a limited time period. It is not possible to board a flight to South Africa until the ban is lifted. The bans normally last for five years and are recorded on the international immigration system.

If someone has a strong reason for overstaying, they can make an appeal.